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In Business as in Life, Timing is Everything,
Result the only thing and anything else is...

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“Nobody knows the future”
And no company or organization know all the people and business-contacts they need. Even successful companies of any size need periodic renewal through finding/attracting Superior Executive Management People/ Specialists with experience, motivation, determination, specifically defined skills, bilingual/multilingual ability... in other words Management and Business Smarts.

That’s why there’s Managemates International Group!
When it comes to people-contacts either for proven Standout-Candidates…to recruit or business-tie-ups (through our Interquest affiliate) in any field of business no matter how far afield… contact us in confidence for effective, timely and largely performance-based assistance as in Japan and the Pacific Rim as our “face-face interview/selection” and “business network access” is second to none. (Kindly refer to our Client List herein to view the Companies for whom we successfully handled numerous assignments effectively and on a cost effective timely basis).

Managemates International Group
Japan’s First Government Licensed International Management-Recruitment organization for bilingual Executives. Managers, Specialists and Staff----Serving International/Multinational Corporations with their Japan and Pacific-Rim Management search assignments for over three decades.
Interquest Corporation
Consultants on Japan/Pacific-Rim Mergers/Acquisitions; Investments, Divestitures, Joint-Ventures, Technology Transfers; Corporate Start-up Strategies; Distribution; Licensing; Marketing; Business Partner-finding services also Accounting, Legal, Banking referrals.
Instant Office Facilities, (for 1-10 people) per office station, a Business contact-making and Secretarial support-base in central Tokyo short or longer-term, with everything/near everything offering (Offering the Best Value)
Japan Corp
Human Ingenuity and Innovation are the key to achieve envionmental-balance as the ever growing hunger for energy to enhance the growth of the advanced as well as the advancing world endangers our existence. We deal with and facilitate "alternate energy " and energy related technological breakthroughs, but technology is not enough it must be coupled with near universal consensus that if we want a less polluted and ecologically balanced world, we must do more than think about it, we must find variable solutions to fit the need by investing-in also developing "energy-technologies" which won't stunt growth... as humanity won't stand still nor go backward.

1st in Performance/Government Authorized
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